Platform is a graphic design studio based in Chicago, established in 2016 by Jacob Lindgren and Paul Zdon. We are interested in creating visual identities, typefaces, websites, books, and other print projects. Alongside our studio we also operate Platform Editions, a small-scale publishing effort.

Our studio is currently available for commissioned and collaborative projects.

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Platform Editions is a small-scale, independent printing and publishing effort. We collaborate with artists, writers, designers, and institutions to produce and distribute limited-run publications and various printed matter. Our in-house capabilities include risograph printing (Riso EZ591U) and bookbinding.

Please send us an email for project inquiries and price estimates.

Domains—Volume 2

Featuring: Claude Bragdon vs. Jerry Roach and his Cuckoo’s Nest • The racing homer • Lowestoft china factory (and the moulds found there) • Giusto Cerutti 1928 • Micronations: Z to A • Thermal printing artifacts

100pp, 5.75 x 9.25 in, 2-color risograph, perfect bound

Carceral Geographies

Carceral Geographies is a portrait of Illinois detention facilities through a lens of invisibility, geographic isolation, and distorted political power. The book presents satellite photographs of every facility in Illinois—a collection that could have been realized by anyone, considering the democratization of imaging software and freely available public records. The resulting study is representative of popular attitudes toward the U.S. prison system as a whole: these images are easily accessible to the public, yet willfully ignored.

112pp, 7.5 x 10 in, digitally printed


An investigation into a planet-wide network of data-collecting probes of an uncertain origin conducted by the Black Knight Research Consortium (BKRC). A result of several decades of research and surveillance, the book functions as an archive of findings put forth by the organization. Probes, sometimes in the form of satellites, buoys, airborne vessels, or communications towers are cataloged with their intercepted transmissions, coordinates, relevant data, and geographic imagery included.

124pp, 5.5 x 8.5 in, risograph, wire bound

Domains—Volume 1

Featuring: A Grade II-Listed motorway service station • A 19th-century travelogue (ES) • A mindbending motorcycle helmet • Eugène–Melchior de Vogüé’s photographic journey through Jordan (FR + EN)

46pp, 8.5 x 11 in, risograph, side-stapled

By investigating a peculiar object in Earth’s orbit, and presenting arguments from both conspiracists and pragmatists, this book ultimately poses a question—1998-067C: Jerry Ross’ insulation blanket or 13,000 year old extraterrestrial satellite?

Made possible by the Black Knight Research Consortium (BKRC).

109pp, A5, digitally printed